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Lack of hydration

Lack of hydration is a fairly common, yet rarely dangerous health condition. The main causes of dry skin can be controlled although either cold or very hot climates, as well as wind, can also affect the skin. 

However, dry skin can create a feeling of discomfort for the person suffering from it and produce small expression lines in the skin. 

There is generally more than one single cause or aggravating factor in the case of dehydrated skin. It's important to understand that dry skin can vary based on where you reside (weather), age, hygiene habits, use of various types of skin care products, health and individual traits. 

Some of the multiple causes of dehydrated skin include: 

  • Climate: very high or low temperatures, such as in summer or winter, generally have low indices of moisture. 
  • Heating: heating systems also tend to eliminate moisture from the environment, worsening dry skin. 
  • Bathing: very hot water for very extended periods dries out skin.
  • Sun exposure: ultraviolet rays and radiation dehydrate the epidermis.
  • Drying cosmetics: some products harm dry skin just as they damage sensitive skin.

Dry skin dry or lack of hydration tends to be associated with:

  • Feeling of tightness after bathing or swimming. 
  • Flaking of surface (dead) skin
  • Small expression lines.
  • Wrinkles 
  • Mildly cracked skin.

Although commonly experienced dry skin is not a serious condition, severely dry skin that is cracked or flaking should be evaluated by a medical professional or dermatologist to consider the course of treatment. 

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