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The age of your skin

Familiarize yourself with the factors that deteriorate your skin based on your age and start to rejuvenate it with a simple and effective routine.


Prevention, hydration and continuity

Your skin is commonly affected by different genetic and environmental factors. Lack of hydration is one of the main causes that changes to the look and feel of skin over the entire body.
The earlier you begin to consistently care for your skin and its hydration, the better the results will be in the long term.
Starting at this age, the appearance of the first expression lines around the eyes is common since it is one of the most expressive parts of the body. In addition, there is the need to moisturize your facial skin and protect it from the sun's harmful rays every day.
Prevention and constant hydration routines must be followed in order to ensure the moisture of the facial and body epidermis, and its firm and uniform texture.
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Protection, freshness and beauty

At this stage of life, in which work and family responsibilities are combined, stress attacks youthful skin on a daily basis.
The appearance of expression lines, changes in skin tone, changes to elasticity of face and body skin are some of the direct consequences at this age.
Sun exposure, pollution and lack of luminosity attack your skin causing uneven skin tone and signs of tiredness. That is why it is necessary to protect and renew your skin in order to put a stop to these signs of aging and restore the skin’s texture and natural definition for a fresher look.


Tone, collagen and vitality

At this age your skin begins to reveal the results of prior treatment or if it has been poorly cared for and is unprepared.
The reproduction of collagen fibers slows down gradually and this causes a loss of firmness in the face and body. Other factors such as smoking are extremely harmful, damaging the quality of your epidermis.
But it is possible to revitalize your skin and reduce the appearance of the signs of aging. While launching an attack on flaccidity, the skin recovers its tonicity and natural youthfulness.
In addition, if you protect your skin from the sun every day, you will prevent skin discoloration and premature aging. With the necessary care, firmer and more vital skin is possible at any age.


Regeneration, firmness and freshness

It is usual for hormone production to decline during menopause, especially estrogen, which is reflected in the skin of your face and body.
Skin dehydration and loss of tonicity, plus any skin discoloration caused by sun exposure, are some of the main consequences of the changes at this stage.
But cared for skin can resist the passage of time and look younger. With the regeneration of collagen fibers, the epidermis recovers much of its firmness and original suppleness.
In addition, protecting the skin around the eyes significantly decreases the appearance of bags and dark circles. The body's skin can also be renewed and thus recover its elasticity and original density. Highlight your beauty and reclaim amazing skin.